Website Setup with New Host

Migration of existing website files & database

Required Credentials

  • obtain rimohosting login credentials to website and database files
  • obtain FTP login credentials to rimohosting account

    Source(s): Shawn/Anthony at MediaHub, or Expedio

New Site Setup

  • use temporary domain until new business name is determined
  • basic site cleanup (removing unnecessary files)

Create New Brand Identity

Step 1: New business and domain Name

  • brainstorming – create list of names, narrow down, choose new brand name

Step 2: Required Formalities

  • register with IRS (obtain EIN number)
  • Secretary of State
  • other

Step 3: Launch New Business Name

  • Switch new website to new domain name
  • Consider retiring old website vs. putting in forwarder to new website
  • Implement basic SEO for new business/brand name

Step 4: Promote New Business Identity

  • Submit additional website content to boost new brand
  • Initiate advanced SEO

Marketing for New Business Identity

Ongoing SEO efforts

  • implemented in-house or contracting with expert

Blog Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Other Online Marketing