Work in progress

This section is a work in progress, as the group is exploring what type of talent we have and who is eager to contribute what.

Meetup Group Home Page

Here is Peter’s recent description on the Meetup Home Page for the group:

Alright folks – after tip-toeing into the cockpit of this group, it appears that there are no passengers on board at this time.
So let me be daring, and suggest a possible flight plan:

How about revamping this group by planning a virtual meeting via zoom, just to get an idea of who feels inspired to network, collaborate and co-create with WordPress?

Dusting off the domain “” shall serve as a take off and landing platform for whatever creative expression might sprout up as seed the ground.

Since we are all at different levels of expertise it might be most effective to allow sub-groups to form after we get a feel for who would like to offer what and who would like to learn what.

Suggestions & Ideas

Here some ideas for subgroups and or themes as we go along:

  • The Gutenberg Editor
  • WordPress Themes
  • Pagebuilders
  • Multisite installations
  • Must have plugins

    There are so many great tutorials and resources available out there – we might want to consider this:

    How about attracting intermediate and more advanced users to the group – while beginners would be getting their feet wet by using tutorials and using the group to recruit tutors that are open to serve as guides?

    Those are some of my preliminary thoughts as the aircraft is still at the gate awaiting co-pilots, flight crew and passengers.
    I am sure it will help to come up with a destination – so that folks can decide if they want to take the trip.