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For security reasons, Instagram always tries to inform you about any suspicious login or send you failed login attempt notification emails.

Account Malfunction – IG Server

Tagging of Photo Posts

Location Tagging Not Working

  • Clearing the Instagram and mobile cache
  • Checking for new updates,
  • Trying to add locations using another device, And
  • Enabling access to your location using your mobile settings

Tagging a Business

Strongly recommend that you go through all settings – sometimes updates on the IG server could inadvertently change a setting.
“Toggle” your desired settings, i.e. switch them off and then on again

CSB Business Tag: “c’est si bon the art of living

  • To use Instagram’s new sticker, open the stories camera
  • snap a photo or video as you normally would
  • Once you’re happy, open the stickers tray and select the Support Small Business sticker
  • Next, type the name of the small business you want to support.
  • You can tap the sticker for more options and styles.
    (May 12, 2020)

    How To Use Instagram Name Tags For Business (

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