Mod1-Lesson 1- Notes/keywords

Unedited notes taken as a way to stay focused on the materials (and stay awake)

Module 1

setup fb fan page

easy to find page, feel comfortable

business page

grow an audience of large number of fans of our work

people give us permision to share our work with them

customers are our best sales force

fb page is hub of all social media marketing efforts

people by things because of who we are: the look-and-feel of our posts

building an esthetic, a communmity –

engagement in our fb page to interact with our most faithful customers

have our audience see our passion for what we do


lesson 1: setup your biz page – keyword use, copywriting skills

lesson 2: header images, profile images

lesson 3: tools and ways to populate fb page – great content to gain fans at rapid pace, stimulate sharing – find content on internet, create strong relationships

lesson 4: connecting apps (twitter, instagram) – hook them up to FB page

lesson 5: using free online editing tool: picmonkey – tutorial to create magazine worthy images


Page Setup:

3 things you need to setup biz or fan page:

Profile/fanpage/CC hooked to this account (CC in case you run ads)

Profile: our personal page – only biz/fan page can run ads


Biz or Brand:

Name your page (choose search friendly term; descriptive for what you create;

Pick category – type in

Upload a profile picture: solid connection between who you are and what you do

vs. header image

profile image and header image: show you AND your work

personal profile vs. biz profile

customer: “like” your page………in the area of the profile image where it shows me and my work

if we leave helpful comments, we are starting to get recognized by folks in our niche

header image: video is an option – use something that features ourselves: video, slideshow, time-lapse; images of our work;

Add a cover: videos, photos – create slideshow with images from various locations

upload pictures ; images have size requirements; i.e. profile pics has particular size requirement; give it a description. example: “me with my artwork” “me in my shop”…………give it a title

cover photo vs. profile photo ………….cover = banner

cover photo can be changed every few months

About Section (left sidebar)

using keywords is crucial for SEO

about section: first 156 characters are visible in google search results

story: copy and paste from website and blog posts

why you do what you do
why fans are excited about what you offer etc. etc.

Personal Interests

phone number (perhaps not cell phone)
email address

Edit the “about” = most important field – keyword sensitive: materials used, use keywords that are describing your work. do not “keyword loaded” ………just use keywords in a narrative


give fans an impression that it is a real person that is behind this small business

156 first characters from “about” section:

when doing a google search, content from the “about” section show up in the search results!

webadress” use link that brings people right into what you want them to see – like a product page to make a purchase – they can always navigate out to the home page

on top: “Create Page Username” – after you have 25 fans, it will be shown. Have username be related to what I create, company name, search terms, etc. etc.

add a “shop now” button – if you don’t sell anything – perhaps “subscribe” or “purchase service”

top navigations bar: Settings (right)

2 lists with many items

visitor posts
review before posting (control what others post)
allow others to post on our page

messages: show message button

messenger is a separate platform within FB
tagging ability etc.

Page location for frames (allow)

country restrictions (allow)

Age restrictions

Page Moderation (block specific words)

Profanity filter (on, set to medium)

Similar Page Suggestions: YES!

Page Updates – checked

Translate automatically

Comment Ranking – see most relevant comments; have them on top of our feed, so leave it checked, unchecked leaves comments in chronological order

Download page

Merge pages (if you have more than one page)

Remove page

Recommended actions

Increase Visitor Engagement



hit return key to send message

setup auto responder

response assistant

tell your fans the reason for a delay in response – and assure them you will get back to them – also offer your email address (this is all within messenger)

avoid sounding robotic –


Templates (standard, etc.) – controls the layout and offers some customized templates

view as visitor – pin a post to top of the page

create sequence of how content is displayed

video are very important – they are highly shareable, keep that TAB high on the page

Photos – Reviews – Upcoming Events

establish an upcoming event

Groups: Dave continues to learn about Social Media Marketing

Setting up the Tabs, they are moveable to change priorities

you can change order of tabs, and add tabs: most relevant = videos, photos, reviews


when you are on someone else’s page – you want your comment to be associated with you


monitor your page daily, follow up on comments – you can set notifications if you don’t handle responses on the page, you get notified – adjust how often you get notified

Reviews –

Page assistant (stay away from anything that looks like a bot) – fans want to interact with a real person

Messenger Platform (leave out as it uses bots)

Page Roles – if you have helpers, assign page roles to them (editor, moderator, administrator) access level

People and other pages –

Limited edition release – goldmine for marketing to tap into pages/people who like our pages

fanbase is measured in “Likes” – high number = likely to engage with us

Preferred Page Audience : set parameters – tell FB who you are looking for, who your audience is – you are telling FB whom to show your pages to……… FB algorythm additional info

FB algorythm is VERY advanced – automatically- sometimes it is better not to interfere with too many custom settings – so be careful with preferred page audience

Partner Apps and services

Branded Content

Instagram Ads – you can connect 1 instagram account, and 1 twitter

Featured: Is about the other pages we like: We want to be liking pages with our business page hat on!!!!! – as it needs to represent what our fans like………….as our fans see who we like………….”Pages liked by this page”

determines the type of esthetic and branding on our page – be selective – and match it with who we are and what we are doing

Featured: “Like” pages………….they will be “featured”


Page Support Inbox – FB support conversations


Activigy Log – shows us what’s happening – chronological timeline about what is happening on the page

structural components of page is done


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