Mod1-Lesson 2- Notes/keywords

“Building Your Aesthetic With Images That Produce Results”

Primary Resources:

Mod1/Lesson 2 starts out with a reference to Lesson 5, where PicMonkey is introduced.

While the few dollars a month shouldn’t be a deal-breaker – for the sake of our collaboration, let’s confirm that we are using pixlr, hence skip Lesson 5, agreed?

If you feel PicMonkey might be worth the expense – I might give it another thought, but have found Pixlr to be equally powerful – here is a link that compares:

Here another comparison:

And still, there really isn’t a compelling reason to go with PicMonkey – and this link above links two of the main alternatives: Photoshop (VERY popular of course) and Gimp (used it in the past, but don’t see a reason to consider it now, as pixlr is perfectly fine.

Are you in agreement, to skip Lesson 5 and stick with Pixlr? ……………….here are some of the best tutorials:

Copyright Laws & Fair Use Doctrine

  • use Pinterest to find images
  • use royalty free websites
  • lesson 5 is about PicMonkey
  • lesson 2 is about populating our FB page with those images
  • Collect images in a folder to be used later in our FB Page

Create an Album

  • select magazine worthy images and “open” up into an “album”
  • keep location blank – picture quality is no longer available, there are no “options” (In Dave’s course there are)

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