Zoom Meeting 9-26-20

Program Spot Evaluation

(Joan’s Submission on 9-26-20)

Module 1

Lesson 2 this is listening assignment for 10/2/20 when we will brainstorm how best to implement the lesson

Module 2

Lesson 3

  • possibly for the following week 10/9/20 or 10/16/20

Module 3

Lesson 1

  • videos both are interested in this

Module 4

  • not now for Joan ,Peter already has MailChimp

Module 5

  • not now for both Joan & Peter

Organization of ancillary material of FB Marketing

In addition to the above there is a question about how to keep all useful info organized in one place that has been gathered from conversations, from online searches, from the program as well as from other sources .


  • Is the Blog the best place ? Joan will first need to color coordinate her notes so they refer to specific lessons
  • Whatever Joan provides in typing to Peter could be incorporated in the “Blog Section” (as “Posts”) – which would keep it separate from the Course Materials Proper (organized as “Pages”) – this would provide a good practical example of the distinction between “Pages” and “Posts” in a WP blog – a question that will keep coming up as Joan is getting ready for a new website/blog
  • So today’s Post covers Joan’s Notes from the fall-out of yesterday’s Zoom Meeting

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