Coaching Call 9-26-20

FB Premier video feature

  • drive business to our site
  • feature to upload a pre-recorded video and schedule it to broadcast live
  • Premier Video
  • Post included “Reminder” Button
  • everone that subscribes will receive a reminder 20 minutes before the airing of the video
  • 3 minutes before broadcast = another notification
  • a clock that counts down to the event
  • premier videos are the answer to interact with your fans in real time
  • record the perfect video with a tripod
  • FB live video and turn it into an ad (July coaching call)
  • with Premier you can edit the file in broll – and you can interact with it in real time
  • when the video is over – it is saved to the post
  • site visitors can share, like, comment

Facebook Premier

  • you can prepare a professional video ahead of time
  • you can interact with viewers during the live broadcast
  • you can type answers into the comments section – enhances the algorythms
  • they are the ideal way to kick off a give-away
  • create a Premier Video for that kickoff

Content for Premier Video

  • Course Curriculum
  • bottom under “Coacning Calls”
  • July Coaching Call: Training, i.e. things to say…………your goal is to get engagement
  • always ask fans where they are tuning in from
  • ask your fans to share the video
  • ask questions and pause……….
  • remember that some people join later – so address them with “for those who just joined”…………..this is what is happening, i.e. tour of studio etc. etc.
  • you want to get engagement (response, typing, sharing, commenting)
  • scheduling needs at least 10 minutes out, but ideally 5-7 days out so people can schedule
  • you can edit the video up to 15 minutes before broadcast (adjustments, etc.)
  • needs to be a new video that you don’t have previously uploaded
  • acceptable by the default settings

How to do it

  • Create Post
  • Pick video from your library
  • Give your video a title
  • Use strategic language in your post
  • Words like “exclusive” or “refined” or “unique” – e.g. exclusive Studio Tour
  • Exclusive as in “behind the scenes”
  • Join me for this exclusive behind the scenes video tour for my loyal fans
  • giving your www is a soft call to action – Create tags – important for search, in Dave’s case it is “gardening” or “social media”
  • you can use multiple tags
  • you can use “browse tags”
  • use the thumbnail from your video
  • you don’t use captions as your fans mostly want to hear your voice rather than see your captions
  • choose “Premier”
  • you can add an image from your FB page or upload one for the event
  • we want moderation – comments, etc.
  • after its uploaded you “publish”
  • you send an email blast to let people know about your video
  • after uploading the video is “preparing”
  • you can upload an image or pull one from your cover
  • if you have a wonderful cover, let it pull an image from that cover
  • click on get reminder

Post ID

  • put the post ID in an email blast – have it go out up 3 times before the event
  • let your fans know what is happening
  • paste the post ID into the email you send out
  • your fans can sign up and click the “reminder” button
  • when we are down to the last few minutes of the kickoff of the Premier Video
  • fans are getting notifications

Countdown to live broadcast

  • before the video broadcasts they see the countdown
  • once the video plays, you can respond to the comments live
  • you can turn FB live broadcasts into ads
  • that concludes the setup process for a Premier Video


  • review July Coaching Call (see below)
  • you can show a work in progress
  • you can do Q&A
  • you can do “screen recording”
  • example Anja Sieber – showing an article, i.e. video is about flipping through the story of the article
  • screen recording idea
  • you can record a viewing of your website
  • making a screenflow video moving about the website – and comment on what you are doing
  • walking through your website and explain to the viewers how to move about your website and talk about the various aspects
  • make screenflows:
  • example: sign “how to move about my website” and make a Premier Video
  • new designs, getting feedback from fans
  • ask for ideas in FB Mastermind group
  • we are trying to replicate a face-to-face interaction
  • screenflow video of the website is a great way to accomplish that connection to your fans
  • website screenflow video


  • we can be affiliates – send Dave an Email
  • How do you get opportunity to features in magazine? A: Module 2 lesson 4 is “networking” – google the genre and go to their FB page and send them a message; also, create an ad and target magazine names and upper management job titles
  • you can create a post and pin it to the top of your page – and pull people into a conversation
  • how to get a good camera? – you can search the archives in the Student Mastermind – search “photography” and get info
  • make a screen flow video – turn it into a Premier Video and turn it into an ad
  • Email List: Have them sign up to be a member of my VIP list “would you like to become a VIP?”………….you want to grow an email list

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