Elevator Pitch

1. Answer the question “What does the business do?”

It provides important solutions to enable seniors to manage and operate their digital systems (windows based)

2. Use the words work with, want, or offer.

It works with a population that is challenged with features of their windows devices, who want to be able to get their work done with ease. It offers support in a broad spectrum

3. State how your business solves a problem or offers a solution.

Services are delivered promptly, often instantly, through onsite visits or remote support

4. Describe what makes your business unique.

It is personalized, i.e. custom taylored to the customers unique needs

5. Tell a quick story.

A customer said his laptop went totally dead, and nothing would happen any longer. After checking out a few things, making sure there was power flowing to the machine, the issue was fixed by pushing the power plug into the power strip to connect to the grid.

Short Version of Elevator Pitch

  • We are assisting the senior population to manage their computing, internet and email issues with ease
  • We offer remote support or come out to your home as needed, typically quite promptly
  • We take time to listen to your issue, and if we can’t provide a solution, we make recommendations how to get it handled best
  • If needed, we can also teach you some basic skills to make your life with computers joyful and fun

the pitch is about your branding

jodi glickman – linked in learning –

take ownership of our product and service