Purpose of this CMS (Content Management System)

A compendium of Facebook Marketing using FB advertising – based on Dave’s materials and coaching.

Course Materials

Monthly Coaching Calls with Dave

  • Coaching Calls Archives
  • Take notes during call and flesh them out in a post (synopsis, detail as appropriate)
  • Create Post for monthly call (categorize under “Coaching Calls” – navigation in sidebar)

Weekly Study Session with Joan

  • As materials are viewed and absorbed – produce synopses, link to resources and create a Page for each lesson (see navigation on top of page)
  • Use the Course Materials Overview as a Guide to work through all the course materials

Practice Facebook Business Page

  • Use the Practice FB Biz Page to explore the materials and try them out – avoid getting stuck looking for particular areas (we can each do that on our own, and then write up the navigation path how we go to the areas we are working on)
  • Remember that it is a practice page, i.e. avoid getting stuck on details (to avoid a sense of overwhelm)