• platform for thrive course alumni to stay in touch for networking and peer coaching
  • activities include sharing of ideas, resources and practice to deepen and refine their plans
  • offer participants a chance to present their projects and receive feedback

Peer Coaching

Peer coaching is a process through which peers work together to reflect on current practices; expand, refine, and build new skills; share ideas; teach one another; conduct research and support each-other in developing their projects.

How To Plan and Implement a Peer Coaching Program.

Robbins, Pam

Issues in the implementation of peer coaching, a collaborative process for teacher improvement, are examined in this booklet. Included are a definition of peer coaching; a discussion of a variety of peer coaching activities; an outline of specific observation, data collection, and conferencing strategies; guidelines for designing a site-based peer coaching program; and a discussion of the principal’s role. Contextual variables that influence the success of peer coaching efforts are explained, and strategies are presented for maintaining program momentum. – View/Download the 78 page Document on this subject.

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