Cover Letter

As discussed, here is the proposal spelling out the scope and cost of the project to audit your website and implement optimization to meet your objectives.

  • Conduct a website audit and identify webpages that should not show up when clients conduct web searches (sample content for blog pages, etc.)
  • Submit a proposal for your site to be optimized for best possible search ranking in google (Search Engine Optimization) – this will result in driving more traffic to your site! (and possibly result in unwanted content to be less visible in the top ranks of search results)
  • Submit pros and cons of adopting a DBA (Doing Business As) name, to eliminate all detrimental associations with third party web material that tarnish your brand now

While it is impossible to take down damaging third party posts, skillful optimization of mainly your FrontPage minimizes the chances for current and future clients to stumble on materials that give them a totally misleading impression of your business.  

The cost for these measures depends on the extent of what we decide to do – and would be submitted along with a proposal.

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