Getting what you pay for

My hosting clients specifically appreciate these values that are included in the monthly fee:

  • ongoing updates of WordPress Core Files, Plugins, Theme etc. – which protects your files from being hacked, guarantees optimal site-load speeds and just about 100% uptime
  • the services you are purchasing offer a truly unique hybrid and superior type of hosting for WordPress – putting it in a category all of its own: Using hosting technology so advanced it goes beyond the standard definitions

Some of the unique features

  • Every single site we host sits in its own fully compartmentalized, isolated, dedicated, and managed ‘droplet’
  • Your site gets allocated resources that are not shared or dependent on anyone else’s site
  • Each site is set up inside its own secure, virtualized machine that sits atop secure, virtualized hardware
  • It is located in a hosting environment that has been expertly configured and is being managed and supported 24/7 by a technical team that makes sure that your site performs at optimal levels
  • It operates at blazing fast speeds, and is fully backed up in a globally distributed network of redundant servers should anything ever happen
  • You are able to choose from (at the time of writing) 8 different geographical locations and your site comes complete with IPv6, object caching, and more…